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Who We Are!

Heller Immigration Law Group, aka HILG, is recognized as a top tier and leading immigration law firm focusing on employment and business immigration on behalf of some of Silicon Valley’s leading entities. Immigration is not only just a practice area within Heller Immigration Law Group – but the one and only.

Under the leadership of our Founder and Principal, Paul M. Heller, Heller Immigration Law Group, for 30+ years now, have been successfully serving the immigration needs on behalf of clients in a myriad of industries and fields – including closely working with HR/Corporate personnel, managers and executives in growing business entities, and Silicon Valley’s innumerable venture backed startups. In this regard, our immigration law firm helps to facilitate the recruiting, staffing and hiring of foreign born, highly talented, international professionals. Keeping key employees happy by taking care of and focusing on their immigration needs is a must. Retention is everything these days of intense competition for talent.

Heller Immigration Law Group, and Attorney Heller personally, is fully trusted by the many CEO’s, CFO’s, CTO’s and other executives, hiring mangers, human resource departments and stakeholders, that their company’s immigration needs are being handled at the highest professional level. Once we take on a particular client or matter, they know it is in good hands. Attorney Heller’s reputation has been built up by more than 30+ years of successful practice and high commitment to both the corporate, business and immigrant communities. We provide the highest quality and professional immigration service available.

Mr. Heller’s personal belief is that the U.S. Government’s immigration policy should not define and control business’ hiring process; Heller Immigration Law Group acts as the interface between an incomprehensible government agency and business stakeholders – and we turn the hiring of talent from impossible into possible. Once on staff, the key is to retain those talents and speed up business growth.

A large number of academic scientists and scholars are well educated and were trained in United States; however, too often they have to leave the United States due to an immigration impasse. This is highly detrimental to our country. For last two decades, Attorney Heller has been passionate to advocate for the highly acclaimed to achieve their goal to remain here. Even today, Mr. Heller personally involves himself and time and again successfully represents such individuals under Extraordinary Ability, National Interest and Outstanding Researcher categories.

Although a strong and personal focus of Heller Immigration Law Group, and to Attorney Heller himself, is to help talented individuals in need, not all situations engineers, scientists and researchers. We also handle marriage and family-based immigration where too often love between the husband and wife remains apart.

After pursuing many years long lengthy immigration journeys, often extending H1b or other work visas, permanent residence (green cards) finally arrive. Many people would seek the final immigration dream come true. Heller Immigration Law Group will assist you for the last step – Naturalization.

Heller Immigration Law Group is passionate and dedicated to assisting you, your business and employees – and their dependent family members, through all of immigration stages.

If you have any questions, please check our web site and feel free to obtain an initial free consultation.

Please contact us at 650-424-1900 or email to heller@hellerimmigration.com